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How Should I Be Managing My Account?

We recommend you log into your Signpost dashboard regularly. Spending just a few moments in key areas will strengthen your expertise, improve your results, and better your relationship with your leads and customers.

 1. Connect to our software integrations!

This is the best time-saving option! With a connected integration, your customer contacts will be automatically loaded into your Signpost account. If they have an email address, even better - they will also be automatically subscribed to receive your email marketing campaigns. It's a win-win, for both you and your customers!

2. Respond to your customer's text, chat, and Facebook messages

Easily communicate with your prospects and customers on their preferred messaging channels - all from one place. You can respond to incoming texts, Facebook Messenger, or Signpost Chat messages. 

On-the-go? Add a lead or prospect to your contact list in real-time during your consultation, or send a Feedback or Review request immediately after a customer makes a purchase or leaves your appointment. Work smarter, not harder!

3. Set up regular One-Time Campaigns 

What do you like to promote during the holidays? Do your services or product offerings ever change with the seasons? What should your customers be educated about, and how can your business fill a need for them? Do you have any events, updates, or announcements coming up that customers should be aware of?

These are all great things to ask yourself when planning your customer communications. With One-Time campaigns, you're in charge - fill in your information, choose who you want it to send to, and when you want it to send. 

Psst - need ideas? Contact our Support team for a campaign strategy session.

4. Set up your Ongoing Campaigns 

Create one (or more!) New Customer, Active Customer, and Winback Campaigns for a more targeted approach. These are sent automatically - to the right people, at the right times. 

For example, your New Customer Campaign will only send to your contacts in the Prospective Customer Lifecycle. This should be a sort of incentive you'd like to offer to help convert them into a paying customer.  

5. Using our Feedback campaign? Respond to your negative customer feedback, ASAP

You may or may not be taking advantage of our Feedback campaign - it's all a matter of personal preference! 

If you are: Be on the lookout for any customers that submit negative or neutral Feedback. If they do, Signpost will send you an email notification. We strongly encourage you to reach out to that customer right away to resolve their issues or concerns. 

Customers don't demand perfection - but if they do take the time to provide you with feedback, they expect you to respond quickly and in a professional manner. If resolved, they'll likely feel less motivated to write a negative review online.



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