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Why are some of my Yelp Reviews hidden?

According to Yelp, around 25% of reviews they receive are relegated to the "Not Recommended" section. There are several reasons why Yelp may filter reviews out of the main part of your page: 

  • Your reviewer does not seem "reliable"
    • They haven't left many reviews yet.
    • They don't leave reviews on a regular basis.
    • They don't have a complete Yelp profile.
    • They appear to be a family member or friend of the business.
    • They appear to live in a different area than your business.
  • The review itself seems questionable
    • It doesn't appear to have anything to do with the business.
    • It is very short without helpful information.
    • It is biasedthe content seems "too positive" or "too negative".
    • It goes against Yelp’s guidelines.
  • Yelp has reason to believe that you offered an incentive to post a positive review.

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