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One-Time Campaigns: Scheduled

1. Log in to your Signpost account and click the "Campaigns" tab. Under "One-Time Campaigns," select "Scheduled"

2. Click the caret (v) to the right of the campaign and choose one of the following options:

  • “Edit” if you'd like to make changes to your campaign before it sends.
  • "Move to Drafts" if you want to send the campaign back to your "Drafts" section for further review.
  • "Send Preview" to send yourself a preview of that campaign.
  • "Cancel Offer" to delete the campaign and remove it from your account entirely.

3. If you select "Edit," you can make any changes to the draft that you'd like. Then you can choose "Save as Draft," "Preview Offer" to see what your campaign looks like, or select "Next: Audience" to move forward and schedule it to send out to your contacts immediately (or at a future date).

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