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Housecall Pro Integration


Combine the power of Signpost with the customer-focused efficiency management of Housecall Pro! Set up our new integration, which automatically syncs contacts and jobs from your Housecall Pro account into Signpost. 

Once a job is paid or completed, Signpost will automatically follow up to generate five-star reviews. Additionally, Signpost’s powerful automation platform assigns contacts to distinct lifecycle stages (such as prospective, active, or unhappy customers), and sends targeted messages at the appropriate time. 

Setup Instructions

1. Log into your Signpost dashboard and navigate to the Integrations tab.

2. Under "More Integrations", change the drop-down menu to "Field Service Software". Then, click "Connect" next to Housecall Pro.


3. Enter your login information for Housecall Pro:


4. Click Authorize:


Done! Now, your Integrations tab should display Housecall Pro under the "Connected Integrations" section. 

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