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Does adding Chat to my website slow down page load time?

Google PageSpeed Insights uses Time To Interactive as one of the most important metrics to calculate your website's SEO score. The chat widget will load immediately after your site’s content has finished loading. 

The widget has been designed this way so that the users are able to interact with it as soon as possible after the website loads. If there are other scripts in the website, Chat widget may get loaded along with them at the same time resulting in a longer download time. Google SEO tools may consider this as slow page load and tag this as a possible SEO improvement. Google may reduce the performance score as well based on this finding.

We can avoid this reduction in performance score by simple changes which are detailed below. We can wrap the Chat widget script inside a JavaScript function. This will enable us to call this function and load the widget at a time of our choosing:

<div id="Chat-chatbot-5dfac28d-ea57-4c13-a549-a27cd25b065d"></div>
     function LoadChat(){
         var resource = document.createElement('script');
         resource.defer = "true";
         resource.src = "https://chatbot.Chat.ai/Chat-chatbot.js?           version=1&botUrl=https://chatbot.Chat.ai&title=title&businessAgent=5dfac28d-ea57-4c13-a549-a27cd25b065d";
         var script = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
         script.parentNode.insertBefore(resource, script);

We can load this function based on whatever criteria fits your website: 

Load the widget when the user clicks on a button: 

<button onclick="LoadChat()"> Chat with our Digital Receptionist</button>

Load the widget on a particular event:

window.addEventListener("ChatEvent", function(){

Load the widget when the user scrolls down:

window.addEventListener('scroll', function(event) {

Load the widget after a delay. Example below loads after 10 seconds delay:

}, 10000)

You will have to evaluate your use case and the JavaScript snippets which are already on your website to determine the best option to use for loading the Chat widget. If in doubt, please reach out to support@signpost.com for assistance.

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