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Overview: Forwarding Phone Number

The Importance of a Forwarding Number

The Forwarding (or "Tracking") Phone Number is a tool used to capture more contacts and increase engagement through Signpost. It is also necessary for enabling the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature, which prompts customers to opt in to your text message marketing program.

The Forwarding Number Process

If you have this feature enabled, you can find your forwarding number in your Signpost account by navigating to the "Settings" tab and clicking "Phone" on the left-hand menu.

When your forwarding phone number is rented, it will attempt to match the area code of your business number. If a phone number matching your area code is unavailable, one will be rented from a nearby area code.
Your forwarding number will be automatically listed on your Google and Facebook pages for you once they are connected to your Signpost account, as well as on the bottom of all email campaigns sent from your Signpost account. (We recommend also adding it to your website, business cards, or any other marketing materials.). 

When a customer dials your forwarding phone number, their call will ring directly to your business phone number. The caller’s contact information will be automatically logged in your Contacts tab, giving you more information into their engagement habits. Additionally, if you have our IVR feature enabled, customers who call this number will hear a voice recording before the call connects prompting them to opt in to your text marketing program.

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