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How To: Find Your Google Place ID

1. Log into your Merchant Center and navigate to the "Settings" tab

2. Scroll down to the "Presence/Review Sites" section and click "Edit" in the Google box

3. Click the "Find Your Google Place ID" text

4. A new window will open on Google's site. Type your business name in the field provided and choose your business from the drop-down menu that appears

A point will appear on the map with your business location and its Google Place ID.

If the above method did not work:

1. Google your business and locate its Knowledge Card on the right-hand side of the results page

2. Scroll down to the "Write a review" button and use your mouse or keypad to right-click

3. Choose "Inspect" from the menu that appears

4. The Google Developers Console (DevTools) will open with a large paragraph appearing toward the middle of your page. Locate "data-pid=," which will appear in orange/brown text—the long string of characters that appears in quotation marks in blue (starting with ChI) is your page's Google Place ID

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