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Mindbody "Appointment Sync" Feature


Automatically sync your Mindbody contacts and appointments to Signpost!

Signpost's powerful automation tool will send automated marketing campaigns to the customers who are booking appointments or classes with your business through Mindbody. After an appointment or class is completed, Signpost will automatically follow up to get their feedback and drive new 5-star reviews to your Google, Yelp, and Facebook pages. If an appointment is rescheduled or canceled, don't worry - we sync that information too, so that we can defer our campaigns accordingly.

Later, Signpost will send targeted campaigns at the right time to drive incentives for repeat business and customer loyalty.

Setup Instructions  

1. First, follow thes instructions to connect your email account. Make sure you connect the email that receives MindBody appointment confirmations. If you already have this connected, skip to Step 2.

2. Log in to your MindBody account and navigate to "Manager Tools," then "Auto Emails," then "Appointment Booking Confirmations (Single)." 

(Depending on your MindBody configuration, your options might say "Classes Booking Confirmations..." or "Reservation Booking Confirmations")

  • To shorten the list of emails, select the "Show enabled auto emails only" box 


3. Ensure that the following is true before clicking the blue "Save" button in the top right-hand corner:

  • "Business reply to email" and "Business copy email" addresses are the same email address you connected to your Signpost account
  • "Enable email attachment" box is checked
  • "Subject" line of the email includes one of the following strings of text:
    • "Appointment is booked"
    • "Appointment is scheduled"
    • "Appointment reminder" 


4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the following auto-email types:

  • Appointment Confirmation (Manual)
  • Appointment Change Notification
  • Appointment Cancellation Notifications (Early)
    • Make sure the "Subject" line has the words "has been canceled" in it
  • Appointment Cancellation Notifications (Late)
    • Make sure the "Subject" line has the words "has been canceled" in it
  • Any auto-email other than Appointments (Reservations, Classes, etc.); adjust the subject line to include one of the following: 
    • "Appointment is booked"
    • "Appointment is scheduled"
    • "Appointment reminder"


Lastly, we recommend booking a "test" appointment or class to ensure all data is syncing as expected. Please wait up to 24 hours; after that time, if further assistance is needed please contact our Support team.

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