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How To: Turn Interactive Voice Response (IVR) On or Off

Getting Started

1. Log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the "Settings" tab

2. Click "Phone" in the left-hand menu

Turn On IVR

1. Under "Grow your Text Marketing List with Interactive Voice Response," click the purple "Activate" button

2. Select either the Female or Male pre-recorded greeting 

3. Once you've made your greeting selection, click "Save & Activate" to finalize your changes

Turn Off IVR

1. Click "Edit Greeting" in the "Phone Settings" section

2. Click the toggle next to "Make selected greeting active when people call" to change it from purple to gray and click the purple "Save Setting" button to finalize your changes

Note: If you choose to disable your Interactive Voice Response greeting, your tracking phone number will be removed from your online review sites and replaced with your local phone number.

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