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How To: Export a Contact List from MindBody

1. Log in to your MindBody account and navigate to the "Reports" tab 

2. In the left-hand menu, select "Clients"

3. To narrow the list of options, select "Marketing" from the top filters

4. Click "Mailing Lists" to open the report

5. Set the drop-down filters that appear to the following: 

  • (First row drop-down): "Email List" 
  • List clients: whichever you are interested in (we recommend "All clients")
  • Client's Opt-in status: "All Clients"
  • (Second row drop-down): whichever you are interested in ("Clients Only," "Prospects Only," or "Clients and Prospects")
  • Sort By: whichever you prefer (we recommend "Client Name")

6. Click "Generate" to preview the results

7. Click the "Export to Excel" icon to save the list to your computer

8. Depending on your browser, you might be asked to save the file. Remember what folder the file is saved in to easily access it

9. Open the file on your computer and convert it to a .csv

10. Upload the list into your Signpost Merchant Center

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