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How To: Verify Your Google Page

Start the Verification Process in your Google Account

1. Visit business.google.com and log in to the Google account associated with your Google My Business listing if you are not already. 


2. Click the name of your business location that needs to be verified. (If no page appears here, see if there is another Google account you can log into—if not, you will need to either Create a Google Page for Your Business or Transfer Ownership of Your Business's Google Page)


3. Within this Dashboard, you will see a “Verification needed” box. Click the blue “Verify now” button inside this box


At this point, Google will offer you different ways to verify your page—the options available to you vary by your business type. 

OPTION 1: Get Verification Code by Call or Text

1. Google will pull up your listing’s phone number and offer you the ability to verify by Call or Text. Click one of the buttons to choose that method.


You will immediately receive a text message or phone call with a 5-digit verification code; make a note of this number. 

OPTION 2: Get Verification Code by Postcard (via Mail)

1.  Enter the street address for your business that accepts mail. Note: Google does not allow this to be done through a PO Box or UPS Store. Once you have entered your address, click the blue "Next" button"


2. Once you have entered a valid address, click the blue "Mail button."


Your Google postcard should arrive to this mailing address within 7 days. If it still has not arrived on Day 7, repeat this process. If is still has not arrived on Day 14, use this Contact Form to request a verification call with Google directly.

Enter your Verification Code

1. Once you have received your code, log back into your Google account Dashboard—you will now see a “Pending verification” box. Click "Enter verification code” inside this box


2. Enter the 5-digit verification code you received in the space provided, then click the blue "Verify" button


Your listing should then be published and verified within 3 days. 

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