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How are Contacts added to my account?

Uploading contacts on a regular basis is key to being successful with Signpost. Adding new customers to your account results in more feedback, reviews, and ultimately more closed deals.

  • More contacts = more reviews
    It’s simple. The more contacts you request reviews from, the more you’ll get.

  • Fresh contacts = more engagement
    Customers you recently worked with provide more reviews than old ones.

  • Adding contacts via integrations = 4x more reviews!
    Connecting software like Quickbooks adds contacts automatically.

Consider one of the many automated or manual methods below to make sure your contact lists are up-to-date:

Automatic Methods: these methods involve a simple setup with one or a few of your software systems external to Signpost. Once set up, we will continuously and seamlessly pull new contacts into your Signpost account.

 Manual Methods: these methods require more work on your part, but allow you to pick and choose which specific contacts are added into your Signpost account to receive marketing messages.

  • Upload a contact list to your Merchant Center. If you do not wish to connect your email account and/or you have a list of contacts from an email account, other software, or collecting them yourself, you can easily upload a spreadsheet of up to 20,000 contacts into your account all at once. 
  • Add individual contacts to your Merchant Center. If you receive a few email addresses that you would like to add to your account without going through the trouble of putting together a spreadsheet, you can simply add one at a time. 

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