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Leap Integration


Combine the power of Signpost with Leap! Our new integration automatically syncs contacts and estimates from your Leap account into Signpost.

Once you add a Result to your Estimate in Leap, Signpost will automatically sync that lead into Signpost. Our powerful automation platform assigns them to distinct lifecycle stages (in this case, the Prospective Customer Lifecycle), and sends targeted messages at the appropriate time to help convert them into a paying customer, and later, drive 5-star reviews online.

Setup Instructions

1. Log into your Signpost dashboard, and navigate to the Integrations tab

2. Under "More Integrations", change the drop-down menu to "Field Service Software". Then, click "Connect" next to Leap.


3. A new tab will open. Follow the steps listed on the left-hand side, and reference the images on the righthand side as needed. 


  • Copy the Webhook URL (click "click here to copy").
  • Click "Go to Leap," which will open the Leap login page in a new tab. Enter your Leap email and password to log in.


  • Find the “APIs” dropdown menu, and select “Webhook.” 
  • Paste the Webhook URL (that you copied on the prior tab) into the "Webhook" section. Click "Save."

4) Go back to the instructions tab. After Step 3, click "Next"


5) You will see a confirmation message confirming the integration is complete. 


Now, your Integrations tab should display Leap under the "Connected Integrations" section. 

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