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Changing a Contact's Customer Lifecycle Stage

Customer Lifecycle Stages are automatically assigned and updated based on each contact's interaction (or lack thereof!) with your marketing campaigns. 

By segmenting your contacts into these stages, Signpost can send more targeted campaigns, to the right types of customers. You can update one or multiple contacts at a time.

To Update a Single Contact

1. Log into your Signpost account, and go to the Contacts tab
2. Search for and select the appropriate contact to open their profile
3. Click “Edit Contact Information”
4. Find "Lifecycle" and select "Edit"
5. Use the dropdown menu options to select the new Lifecycle you would like to change them to:
  • Prospective Customer
  • Active Customer
  • Inactive Customer
  • Unhappy Customer

6. Click "Update Lifecycle", and you're done! 

To Update Multiple Contacts At Once

1. Go to your Contacts tab.

(Optional) Apply filters to find the list of contacts you wish to update.

2. On the left, check the boxes next to all the contacts you wish to update. 

3. Click the "Actions" drop-down menu. 

4. Choose "Set Lifecycle Stage," then select the new lifecycle.

5. Choose "Yes" to confirm.


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