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How to Improve Email Inbox Placement

Every email that is sent is quickly looked over by the mailbox provider, such as Google or Yahoo, to accept it or reject it. The decision to accept or reject an email is based on your reputation as a sender. Once the mailbox provider has decided to accept an email, the email will then be placed in the recipient's inbox or spam folder. Working to improve inbox placement will help you increase the chances of your email being delivered to the recipient's inbox, ultimately leading to more views and more clicks as a result. 

When it comes to Signpost’s campaign features, there are a few things you can do to increase your inbox placements: 

  1. Improve the quality of the contacts you add to Signpost: Mailbox Providers closely monitor if you are sending to misspelled addresses, old addresses that are no longer being used, and spam email addresses that are scraped off the web or often provided through rental lists. To take a closer look at how well your list is performing, check out the delivered results on your sent campaigns, visible on your “Campaigns” tab. From there view sent campaigns by clicking “Sent” on the left hand navigation bar. Take the number of sent emails, and subtract by the number of people who were in the campaign list. This number will let you know how many quality contacts were in the list. 

  2. Refining your email lists by watching performance. You will constantly want to add new addresses, and remove the ones that aren’t responding to your emails. Understand the open and click rates for your contact lists. Mailbox Providers monitor if recipients are opening and clicking within your emails. No or low engagement means that recipients aren’t interested and will hurt your Sender Reputation.  If a list isn’t performing well, you may wish to discontinue using it or refine it. One way to stay on top of this is to send separate campaigns for each list to understand how those emails are performing. In addition, sending emails too frequently will increase spam complaints and unsubscribes, ultimately hurting your sender reputation. 

  3. Engagement: are your contacts interested? It is important to be mindful of what content you are sending to your audience. Make sure it is relevant and something you think they’d be interested in. A few ways to improve engagement: 

    1. Subject lines should be brief and attention-grabbing. 

    2. Email content should be focused on driving clicks. Clicks are the most important email indicator to mail providers that you are providing valuable content for your audience. 

Signpost’s checklist to improve email deliverability: 

  • Add quality contacts 

    • Make sure email addresses are spelled correctly 

    • Make sure email addresses are recent 

    • Do not use scraped email addresses from the web or rental lists 

    • Regularly clean out old contacts from your contact list 

  • Refine your email lists 

    • Isolate sending lists to watch performance of recently uploaded contacts 

    • Remove contacts that consistently do not open your emails 

    • Be mindful of how many emails you send to minimize unsubscribe rates 

  • Increase engagement

    • Make your subject lines brief and engaging 

    • Be mindful of creating emails that drive clicks 

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