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How To: Manage Your Campaign Sending Statuses

Is your business in the middle of a big transition, or are you temporarily closed? During times like these, we strongly advise that you continue to communicate with your customers through campaigns. This will keep your customers informed and engaged so that they know how to support you during this time. This also helps you continue improving your online reputation during a slower period, so that you are ready to bounce back looking better than before. 

However, if circumstances are complicated, we do offer a few ways of adjusting your settings to reduce or stop the campaigns being sent from Signpost to your customer base.

Option #1: Temporarily Pause Your Ongoing Campaigns

The term "Ongoing" refers to your Feedback and Review requests, New Customer Campaigns, Active Customer Campaigns, and Winback campaigns. 

Note: This does not include your One-Time Campaigns, which you can cancel individually if needed.

Ongoing Campaigns can be paused for up to 3 months, and you get to select the date you want for them to resume sending again.

2 days before they resume, you will receive and email reminder from Signpost. Be sure to mark this date in your calendar!

1. In your Signpost Merchant Center, go to the Campaigns tab. 

2. Scroll down to find the Ongoing Campaigns section. 

3. Under Ongoing Campaigns, click "You can turn off automatic sending"

4. Select the date you would like your campaigns to resume, and click "Pause." 

Until this date, we will not send any Feedback and Review requests, or New Customer, Active Customer, and Winback Campaigns. On the selected date, those campaigns will automatically begin sending again.

5. Once paused, if you wish to resume sending campaigns earlier than you anticipated, you can select "Turn campaigns back on."

You will also see a "paused campaign" reminder from your Dashboard tab, and can easily navigate from there to resume them.

Option #2: Manually Turn Off Campaigns

We recommend reserving these functions as a last resort. If you turn campaigns off, they will not automatically turn back on, or resume sending, unless you follow the steps to manually turn them back on. This can cause a noticeable lapse in your customer engagement and online reputation.

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