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Zapier Integration


Signpost's Zapier integration enables you to connect various accounts to Signpost using connection points (or “zaps”) to automate tasks, such as syncing contacts to Signpost when you add them to another software, or having Signpost send a review request when they pay an invoice through another platform. 

Common Zapier integrations include: Acuity, Wave, Shopify, HubSpot, Google Forms, Google Sheets. 

You can find the Signpost app on Zapier here: https://zapier.com/apps/signpost/integrations

Setup Instructions

1. Once you've clicked on the link above, search for the name of the software or app you would like to connect to Signpost


4. Select a "trigger" from your other software (such as if you add a new customer to Wave). 

  • Triggers include: "new customer", "new transaction", "new appointment booking", "new invoice", "new estimate" and more.


5. Select an action for Signpost to perform (such as, when you create that new customer in Wave, that new contact should be added to Signpost as well) and click to continue


  • Pro Tip: choose the action that is most related to your trigger, as this will help Signpost better categorize and market to your contacts. (ie a "New Transaction" trigger should have the corresponding action "Create Transaction") 

Note: At this step, you will need to create a Zapier account if you have not already.

6. Sign in to your other software when prompted

7. Select the information you want to pull from this account such as "contact name," "email," and "phone number". (Zapier may prompt you to select an example first.) 

8. Click test and confirm, which will pull an example contact. If the information looks correct, click “done editing”

9. Now you will be on the “do this” section for the Signpost App

10. “Sign in to Signpost” using the email and password you use to log into Signpost

11. Match as many data fields from the other software as possible. Once all fields are matched, click "test and review" 


12. A test contact should be added to Signpost at this point. This can be found in the Contacts tab. 

  • Click "Show Filters" 


  • Change the drop-down button to "Source"
  • Change the filter to say "Show me contacts who have joined my list from Public API"


13. Now, turn on the integration!


14. IMPORTANT: Finally, after this is completed you may be prompted to go to your email to confirm your login information for both accounts. If you receive Zapier email, complete this step to avoid future errors! 

Attempted these steps but unable to successfully integrate with your Signpost account? Feel free to book an appointment for hands-on assistance from one of our onboarding specialists: 

  • Support: (855) 606-4900

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