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How To: Create a One-Time Campaign

1. Log in to your Signpost account and click the "Campaigns" tab. Choose "View All Campaigns" to look at any available templates or "Start Your Campaign” to create a new one from scratch 

2. If you chose "View All Campaigns," you'll see our Content Library. It has a selection of pre-written campaign templates for your industry. You can browse more industry types using the drop-down menu. Select one of these templates or choose "Start From Scratch"

3. Next, you'll fill in all of your campaign details on the "Content" step! (Hint: if you're unsure what to say in any of the fields, hover over the "i" beside "What should I put here")

Note: Even if you selected a template from the Content Library, be sure to look it over and edit as needed so that all details and instructions make sense for your customers.


Once you're done designing your campaign, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Next: Audience

4. In the "Audience" step, you'll choose who you want to send your campaign to:

  • Choose whether you'd like your campaign to go to Email Subscribers, Text Subscribers, or both.
  • Alternatively you can choose to send your campaign to:
  • Once you're done, scroll down and click "Next: Schedule

5. In the Schedule step, you'll choose:

  • What date your campaign sends
  • When your campaign expires (if an applicable offer is included)
  • Whether reminders should be sent, and to whom

  • Once you've finished deciding, scroll down and click "Next: Review" to review all details of your offer and ensure they're accurate.

6. In the "Review" step you can send yourself an email and/or text preview of your campaign. Once you're happy with what you've made, scroll to the bottom and choose "Send Now" (if you've scheduled it to send immediately) or "Finish Campaign" (if you've scheduled it to send on a future date)

7. If you've scheduled your campaign to send immediately, it will appear in the "Sent" section of your One-time campaigns. If you chose a future date, it will appear under "Scheduled" where you can make any edits before it sends out, place it into your "Drafts," or cancel and delete the campaign.

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