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Get the Most from Your Forwarding Phone Number

The Forwarding Phone Number (also known as a tracking number) is included in your Signpost account to help you track how often your customers call your business for informational purposes, as well as to add subscribers to your text marketing program.

When leveraged correctly, your tracking number can yield helpful data and great results for your business. To get the most out of this feature: 

  • Use your forwarding number in place of your local phone number wherever you can. (All calls to this number will still be forwarded to your local phone number, so it should not disrupt your company's ability to receive calls from customers and potential clients.) Add it as the primary number on your website, 
other social media pages, and your business cards;
 use it as the primary number for online lead generation accounts if you use them

; and put it on a decal or magnet on a company vehicle.
  • Make sure any other other tracking numbers you use forward to your Signpost forwarding number. (This should not hinder the efforts or workability of other tracking numbers.) This way, you can maximize the benefits that both Signpost and any other systems you use can offer.

If you are planning on using the text message marketing feature of our platform:

  • Set up Interactive Voice Response to prompt callers to join your text message program. This way, each person who calls your business will be asked to join your text message marketing list without you having to lift a finger.
  • Encourage customers you interact with to text "Start" to the tracking number to join. Your own enthusiasm for your text marketing program will get your customers excited to sign up for (and use) it as well.
  • Place a sign near your checkout counter or post directions on your website and social media (Ex: Text START to 555-555-5555 to begin receiving our exclusive offers!). The more places you ask your customers to join, the more likely they are to see the message and follow through with signing up.

The more visible your number is, the more calls tracked and subscribers gained through your Signpost account. This, in turn, can lead to more outcomes for your business!

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