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Stripe Integration


The Stripe integration will automatically sync your Stripe contacts to Signpost when your customers make a payment on a Stripe Charge, Invoice, or Order. Then, Signpost will automatically follow up with a review request after that transaction, to drive great reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Setup Instructions

1. Log into your Signpost Dashboard, and navigate to the Integrations tab

2. Under "More Integrations", change the drop-down menu to "Payments and Accounting". Then, click "Connect" next to Square.


3. A new tab will open. Click "Sign in with Stripe to connect"


4. Enter the email and password you use to log in with Stripe. Then click "Continue"


5. Click to authorize Signpost

Done! Now, your Integrations tab should display Stripe under the "Connected Integrations" section.



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