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Thumbtack Instant Response

Signpost will automatically and immediately follow up on every inbound inquiry from Thumbtack. Each time a new project is requested, Signpost sends a custom text reply, kickstarting the conversation with the homeowner and increasing the pro’s chances of booking the job. Pros can include screening questions, promotions, or links to web pages in their response.

From there, the contact details within Signpost, so that makes getting reviews and feedback easy. Signpost follows up with customers to leave reviews on top review sites, including Thumbtack, making the pro stand out. More reviews on Thumbtack means higher chances of getting found and chosen, resulting in more service requests, starting the cycle over again! 

Let's set up Thumbtack Instant Response so you can turn more service requests into booked jobs. 

How to set up

Set up on your computer: 

  1. Once logged into your Signpost account from a web browser, head to “Settings” and then select “Instant Responders” from the menu on the left hand side of your screen. 

  2. You will see the list of Instant Responders available to you. Select “Thumbtack,” and then “Connect.” 

  3. The overview page will provide you with details about this feature and what to expect. After reviewing, hit “Get Started.” 

  4. You will be brought to Thumbtack on the next screen. Login to your account. 

  5. From here, Thumbtack will authorize the connection to allow information to be shared between the platforms. Hit “Confirm connection” to agree to share data. 

  6. Setup is complete. Now, customize your instant response message by heading back to “Settings” and “Instant Responders.” We recommend including a screening question in your message, some options are: 

    1. What kind of services are you looking for? 

    2. Is there a timeline for this project? 


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