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Why am I getting errors when trying to upload my Contact List?

Errors during your upload process 

Error messages that pop up during your contact list file upload process may hinder your ability to successfully upload your list. Here are some reasons why these messages may be appearing:

  • Unable to select your contact list file from your computer to upload. This usually means that your file is not in .csv format, which is the only file format compatible with our system. Check out this article to learn how to convert your file to .csv format:
  • "No contacts found!" Double-check your file to ensure that it does contain contacts. If it does, delete all columns aside from the ones containing names, email addresses, and phone numberstoo many columns can sometimes confuse our system.
  • "We noticed your file contains over 20,000 contacts." Our system cannot handle uploads of over 20,000 contacts at a time. Try deleting duplicates from your file and deleting contacts without email or phone data from your file. If there are still over 20,000 contacts, you will need to email it in to our Customer Support Team at support@signpost.com to upload. If this is your first upload of over 20,000 contacts, you may be asked to sign a Customer List Migration Agreement.
  • "The columns you selected don't seem to exclusively contain Email/Phone data." This means that our system is having trouble reading some of the entries in that column. This could be due to entering extra information ("N/A," "--," etc.) when no data was collected or entering information that our system deems invalid (see "Invalid phone(s)" and "Invalid email(s)" below). If the "Continue" button in the bottom right-hand corner is purple, a substantial enough number of entries were in the correct format, and you can ignore this message and move on. If the "Continue" button is gray, you will need to clean out the entries in your list before uploading. 

Errors on the Final Confirmation page

Errors that pop up in your Final Confirmation "Contacts we can't save" list can usually be ignored; however, if there are a large number of them, you may want to take another look at your list file and clean it up before you upload it. Possible errors include:

  • Invalid Phone(s): This means that our system found some phone numbers that are not ten digits long. This includes phone numbers missing area codes, phone numbers with extensions, and phone numbers with text in the same box (such as "Cell: 800-555-1234" or "John 800-555-1234). 
  • Invalid Email(s): This means that our system found some email addresses that are incomplete. This includes addresses that are missing the @ symbol, addresses missing the final .com or equivalent, addresses with spaces or invalid characters, or words/websites that are not in an email address format.
  • Non-marketable Email(s): This means that our system found some email addresses that are typically not associated with an individual (ex: info@smoothies.com, accounting@painting.com, support@baseballteam.com) or contain a domain name for a company that we cannot send emails to.
  • Non-marketable Phone(s): This means that our system found some phone numbers that are typically not associated with an individual (ex: information numbers beginning with 800, 866, etc.)
  • No email or phone data: This means that our system found a row that did not have any applicable information that could be pulled into your account.

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