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QuickBooks Online Integration

Signpost offers direct integrations with both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop. For clients using our Quickbooks Online integration, Signpost drives an average of 1.5x more reviews!

What does this integration do?

The QuickBooks Online integration syncs your Quickbooks Contacts (those who have an email or phone number), and the date they pay their invoice in full, into your Signpost account. 

When will my contacts be synced into Signpost? 

Contacts will be synced when they pay an invoice in full. Any contacts who have an incomplete or outstanding invoice will not be synced.

Contacts will also be synced when they make a payment that is not connected to an invoice. This is determined by how you configure their payment request in Quickbooks Online.

What happens after my contacts are synced into Signpost?

Once your contacts are synced, they are eligible to receive campaigns! Because we know they just made a payment or paid their invoice in full, your work for them likely just finished. Signpost will automatically send them a feedback or review request. 

Setup Instructions

1. Log in to your Signpost Dashboard and navigate to the "Integrations" tab

2. Click the green "Connect to QuickBooks" button


3. Select Quickbooks Online


4. Select "Connect to Quickbooks Online"


5. Enter your QuickBooks Online login information and click "Sign in"


6. Click to authorize Signpost

And you're done! Your Integrations tab should now display Quickbooks under the “Connected Integrations” section.

For security purposes, QuickBooks Online's software will automatically disconnect from your Signpost account after one year. At that time, you will simply need to follow these steps again to re-connect your account for another year.

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