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Newsletter Campaigns

Signpost’s Newsletters are designed to help you stay top of mind with your customers! They are already professionally written for you, which saves you the time you need to run your business. Newsletters will focus on putting your best foot forward. Your customers will learn how to maintain a happy and healthy home with your services, build trust in your expertise, and be alerted of new products, services, or maintenance programs you'd like to offer.

Note: If you are in the HVAC, Roofing, or Plumbing industries, it's your lucky day - you are currently receiving special access to this new feature! If you are not in one of these industries, hold tight - we are working hard to make this available to you in the future.

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a notification email from Signpost that your newest Newsletter is now available. From there, you will need to select a date for it to be emailed to your contacts.

Important! If you do not select a scheduled send date for your Newsletter, it will not send out to your contacts.

To select a date for your Newsletter to send: 

Once logged into your Signpost account, navigate to the Campaigns tab. Find your current Newsletter, and click Preview and Schedule.

Follow the rest of the guided steps:

  • View or edit any of the content to your liking
  • Select whether you'd like to include the suggested offer or promotion, or remove it if you would prefer not to at this time
  • Choose a date for it to send
  • Select your audience
  • And save! 

Now, your Newsletter will send automatically on the date you selected.

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