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SMS Instant Response


We know that texting is integral to any modern business, and that's why we have expanded our text solutions to include SMS Instant Response. With this feature, our software will instantly send a text reply to anyone that reaches out to your business via your text marketing number. This allows you to engage with leads quickly, which will provide great customer service and increase your chance of landing the job. 

The power of your Signpost Text Marketing Number 

If you have a software subscription with Signpost, you already have a text marketing number ready in your account. This phone number is specifically designed for sending and receiving text messages from your web based inbox, the Messaging Hub

To locate your text marketing number, head to your Signpost account on a web browser. Once you login, you'll see a phone number listed on the top of your Messaging Hub, under the Signpost logo. 

Advertise your text marketing number to provide your leads and customers with their preferred method of communication. Did you know 89% of consumers say they prefer texting businesses? By promoting your text marketing number, you are giving them another option to connect with your business. When they do reach out to ask a question or coordinate service, you'll be able to reply to everyone automatically with the SMS Instant Response feature. From there, you will carry on the text conversation thread directly in the Messaging Hub! 

As a reminder, if anyone calls your text marketing number, the line will connect through to your regular business line! 

Promote your text marketing number in campaigns, print it in a flyer, or use it in your email signature. There are many options for opening up an additional communication channel with leads and customers. Here's an example of a way you can advertise your text marketing number online. 

Set up SMS Instant Response

Ready to start sending an instant response to anyone who texts your text marketing number? Here are the simple instructions: 

1. Select "Settings" from the navigation menu, then "Instant Responses", and "SMS Instant Response." 

2. Toggle on "Enable SMS Instant Response Text."  

3. Now, type in your SMS response. We recommend that you include your business name in the message, as well as a question that you would like your prospects to answer. Something like: “Sorry we missed your call. Can you tell me about your project and what timeframe you were considering? -Denver Plumbing Services.” 

4. Hit "Save," and you are good to go. 

You're ready to send an instant reply, which will allow you to quickly engage with leads and customers. If you have any questions or would like help walking through these steps, please call our support line at 855-606-4900.

To deactivate this feature, head to "Settings" on your Signpost account, and toggle the feature off. 

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