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Signpost Public API

What is the Signpost API?

The Signpost API is an open RESTful API that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate their existing systems and data with Signpost's automated marketing platform. 

  • How can it help my business or franchise?
    • Using the Signpost API, franchises and multi-location businesses can automatically populate and update their contact lists and customer transaction data from your existing CRM or lead management system. The API will periodically send the names, email addresses, and phone numbers, and transaction data (if you have it) of to Signpost, which allows Signpost to subscribe those contacts to email marketing. This eliminates the need for you to do manual data entry or export and upload .CSV or Excel files.
    • Please visit https://www.signpost.com/api/ for more information and FAQs.
  • How do I start using the API?
  • How much development is required and how long does it take?
    • The Signpost API is simple and requires minimal development to complete an integration. 
  • What does it cost to use?
    • The Signpost API is free for any Signpost account holder.

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