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Set a Contact to Not Subscribed or Re-Subscribed

Easily manage and update which of your customer contacts are receiving your marketing campaigns!

Before getting started, take note! If any contacts indicate that they have unsubscribed themselves from your marketing campaigns, you will not be able to re-subscribe them. This is indicated by:

The contact having no "toggle" under the "Subscribed" column in your Contacts list

The contact's profile displaying a toggle set to the off position, and says "This contact has unsubscribed from marketing campaigns."

All other contacts can be unsubscribed (toggled off) or re-subscribed (toggled on) anytime you wish.

How To Unsubscribe or Re-Subscribe a Single Contact

1. Log into your Signpost account, and go to the Contacts tab

2. Search for the contact you wish to unsubscribe, and locate the toggle button

3. Either switch their toggle to on or off from this list view, or open their profile and toggle them on or off from there. 

From list view: 

From profile view:

4. It will now indicate that the contact is not subscribed, which means they will no longer receive any marketing campaigns.


How To Unsubscribe or Re-Subscribe Multiple Contacts

1. Log into your Signpost account, and go to the Contacts tab

(Optional: Filter your contact list to find the appropriate list of contacts you wish to update)

2. Click the checkbox next to all the contacts you wish to select.

3. Click the Actions dropdown menu

4. Choose "Mark Selected As," then either "Subscribed" or "Not Subscribed"


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