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Contact Sunsetting Policy

In order to preserve email deliverability, Signpost has instituted a contact sunsetting policy. We'll regularly review contacts and unsubscribe those that have received at least 10 email campaigns in the last 12 months, but haven't opened any of them. Continuing to send email and SMS campaigns to non-responsive contacts lowers open rates and campaign conversion, which can cause more of your communications to be caught and filtered as spam.

One good way to prevent this is to ensure that you're sending diversified and engaging content. One-time campaigns are a great tool to craft specialized marketing that engages your contacts. If you're sending engaging content, your contacts are more likely to open and interact with your emails and are less likely to become non-responsive:

Another helpful practice is keeping your contact list fresh by uploading new and current contacts, and unsubscribing those that are non-responsive. If your contact list is up-to-date, email and SMS campaigns will reach their intended recipients more successfully, and should avoid spam and other email filtering.

You can find instructions for uploading new contact lists, and connecting any available integrations here:

You can read more about why email deliverability is important on our blog: Why Email Deliverability Matters to You

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