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Where Do I Log In / How Can I Reset My Password?

You can easily and quickly get logged into your Signpost account, with or without your password. 

Follow the instructions for either below!

First, go to www.signpost.com.Click "Log In" in the top right-hand corner.


If you know your Signpost password:

1. Select "Log in with email and password instead"


2. Enter your Signpost email and password, and click Login.


Now, you're logged in!

If you don't know your Signpost password:

Don't worry! You can still quickly get logged in, without even having to reset your password. We'll email you a secure one-click link.

1. Enter the email address registered with your Signpost account, and click Log In. 


2. Follow the instructions to open your email inbox. 


3. Open the email from Signpost, and click "Log in to your Signpost account"


If you'd rather reset and create a new password, click the link that says "change your password here". 

Otherwise, you're all set! 

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