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How To: Filter Contacts

Filtering your contact list helps you locate specific subsets of contacts so that you can perform actions on them. 

Filter Your Contacts

1. Log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the "Contacts" tab

2. Click "Show filters" to the right of the search bar

3. Choose a filter label, and edit each purple drop-down menu to build a sentence displaying your filter preferences:

  • Select "Campaigns" to see contacts who have received, opened, or clicked certain campaigns

  • Select "Source" to see contacts who joined your list during a certain date range
  • "Source" also shows you which contacts joined your list via a different method,  feature, or integration
  • Select "Status" to see contacts who are subscribed or unsubscribed to your marketing
  • Select "Lists" to see contacts who are a part of a segmented contact list

  • Select "Lifecycles" to see contacts that are assigned to a specific lifecycle stage

3. Lastly, click "Filter" to display the filter of customer contacts you just created

Once you have filtered your contacts to show only the ones you would like to see, you can perform actions on them

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