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Why can't I see my newly uploaded Contacts in my account?

There are a few possible reasons why your newly uploaded contacts are not yet visible in your account:

1. You did not complete all the necessary steps in the contact upload process. For contact list files, the final step involves clicking the "Save Valid Contacts" button. For individual contact additions, the final step involves clicking the "Add Contact" button.

2. It has not yet been 24 hours since your upload. Sometimes, our system gets overloaded with contact list uploads. For that reason, we suggest waiting 24 hours and checking back to see if your new contacts have processed and appeared in your account.

3. The contacts from your upload were previously in your account, but deleted. Deleted contacts cannot be re-added into your account through a file upload. If there are just a few contacts in your upload that were deleted and need to be re-added, check out our article on undeleting contacts: How To: Delete/Undelete Contacts

If there are many contacts in your upload that were deleted and need to be re-added, please email your contact list file to support@signpost.com with a note stating that the file contains previously deleted contacts that need to be restored. Our Customer Support Team will then upload the list through our back-end to restore the deleted contacts.

4. You have uploaded a large amount of contacts within the past week. If you upload a list containing a high amount of contacts, or you have uploaded several lists with high amounts of contacts within the past 7 days, some contacts may be initially placed into a “Pending” tab. This is because lists with large amounts of contacts are at risk of containing email addresses that are no longer in service, which can put the reputation of the email account and future deliverability rates for that email account at risk. 

Contacts from this tab will be automatically transferred to your subscribed marketing list at a rate of 1,000 contacts per week to ensure that your account’s reputation and deliverability are not negatively impacted. 

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