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What Are Customer Lifecycles?

Signpost automatically targets your contacts with campaigns that are tailored to their lifecycle and engagement with your business. Customer Lifecycle Stages are assigned and updated automatically, based on how your contacts engage (or not!) with your campaigns. 

Who has a Customer Lifecycle Stage?

All of your contacts will automatically receive a Lifecycle Stage.

What are the Customer Lifecycle Stages?

  • Unknown Contacts
  • Prospective Customers
  • Active Customers
  • Unhappy Customers
  • Inactive Customers

What specifically will determine each Customer Lifecycle Stage?

  • Unknown Contacts are the contacts who have not yet interacted with any of your campaigns. They are likely new!
  • Prospective Customers are the contacts who clicked your offer’s call-to-action button. This shows they are interested in that incentive or service.
  • Active Customers are the contacts who have written a positive review, or transacted. This indicates they have worked or purchased with you before.
  • Unhappy Customers are the contacts who submitted negative or neutral feedback, indicating they weren't completely satisfied with something.
  • Inactive Customers are the contacts who were an Active Customer, but have stopped interacting with your campaigns for the last 3 months.

Where can I see a contact's Customer Lifecycle Stage?

You can view the lifecycle by clicking on a customer profile.

Can I change someone's Customer Lifecycle Stage?

You can easily change the lifecycle on a contact's profile anytime.

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