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How To: Create Ongoing Campaigns (New Customer, Active Customer, and Win Back Campaigns)

Ongoing campaigns are an important part of Signpost's automation. The more targeted your campaigns are to your customers, the more effective they will be.

Ongoing Campaigns will automatically send to contacts in each lifecycle stage, which are assigned based on how those contacts are interacting with your campaigns. 

Ongoing Campaigns should be general offers that your business can honor anytime, to anyone, as an incentive. Because they are based on customer engagement, which can happen anytime, they are not designed to send or expire on specific dates.

How to Create Your Ongoing Campaigns

1. Log in to your Signpost account, and click on the Campaigns Tab. 

2. Find your Active, Winback, and New Customer Campaigns. 

3. Select a campaign type, then click Create New.

4. The Content Library offers a selection of campaigns that perform well in your industry, which you can use or edit further. Or, choose "Start From Scratch" if you'd like to create your own.

5. Now, fill out the content for your campaign!


6. At the bottom of the page, proceed to Next: Reminders

7. Select if you would like a reminder to send about this campaign, and to whom. If not, select No.

8. Proceed to Next: Review

9. Review all details of your campaign for accuracy! Make any final edits or adjustments.

10. Finally, click Finish Campaign. Now, it will send to contacts in the respective customer lifecycle.

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