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Where Can I Add or Search for Contacts in the Mobile App?

The Signpost mobile app allows you to add contacts on the go, while you are out consulting with new prospects or meeting with current clients. Then, you can seamlessly send and respond to conversations from anywhere.

To search for a Contact or start a new Conversation, they first need to be added to your Contacts tab.

Adding a Contact

First, navigate to your Contacts tab.


Then, click the "add contact" icon in the bottom right.


Enter the contact's name, email, phone, and/or customer lifecycle.


Searching for a Contact

To search for a specific contact, navigate to the Contacts tab, and use the Search bar at the top.


Once you find the profile you are looking for, click to open. 

From there, toggle between Profile or Messages at the top:

mceclip11.png mceclip12.png

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