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Quickbooks Desktop Integration: Manual Installation

If you haven't done so yet, please attempt setting up this integration through our standard instructionsHowever, if you are unable to successfully complete that approach, you can follow these steps to manually install the integration.

Before proceeding with these instructions, you MUST first remove any old versions of the integration from previous installs. Do not skip this step!  Please note that after May 31st 2022, Intuit no longer supports Quickbook's desktop versions from 2019 or older.

1. Start QuickBooks Desktop and open your Company

2. Start the Web Connector application (download here first if needed)

3. If the Mia Sync application is present, click Remove 


4. Click Yes on the QBWebConnector - Warning popup to confirm the removal


Manual Install

1. Configure the Web Connector application to start automatically with Windows

  • Press Windows+R to open the Windows Run dialog
  • Enter “shell:startup” in the text box and click the OK button to open the Startup folder


  • Open the Windows Start menu, navigate to the QuickBooks folder, and drag the Web Connector application into the Startup folder. This should create a Shortcut to the Web Connector app that will make it start automatically with Windows.


2. Go to your Merchant Center Integrations page and click the QuickBooks Connect button


3. Select the QuickBooks Desktop option


4. Click Copy Password (leave the QuickBooks Desktop popup open)


5. Start QuickBooks Desktop and open your Company

6. Click here to download the Web Connector config file mia.qwc

7. Double-click mia.qwc to install it to Web Connector

8. Click OK in the Authorize New Web Service window


9. Authorize the Mia Sync application. 

These screens only appear the first time you set up the integration - if you are reinstalling the integration, skip this step and proceed to Step 10.

  • Click Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running in the QuickBooks - Application Certificate dialog


  • Click Yes in the Mia Sync - Authorization popup.


  • Click Continue… in the QuickBooks - Application Certificate dialog.


  • Click Done in the Access Confirmation popup


10. Click the checkbox next to Mia Sync in QuickBooks Web Connector


11. Paste the password you copied in Step (4) into the Password Required popup and then click OK


12. Click Yes in the Do you want to save this password? popup


13. Click Update Selected in QuickBooks Web Connector


14. You will be redirected back to the Integrations page in your Merchant Center. The QuickBooks integration will show a green status “Connected”!


15. You’re done! You can now minimize the QuickBooks Web Connector and close the QuickBooks Desktop application. The integration will continue to run in the background even if the QuickBooks Desktop application is not running. 

Note: Please be sure to keep your computer on and connected to the internet.

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