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Respond to Facebook Messages Instantly

Facebook is a great lead source for local businesses. Not only can you connect with your community and share insights, but you can also run Facebook ads and post on Facebook marketplace to let people know about your services.When someone sends your business page a message, it is critical to respond in a timely manner. Why? 

1. Speed to lead matters: 78% of jobs go to the business that responds first. If you don't respond fast, people who are looking for a service will reach out to other businesses until they get a response. 

2. Facebook tracks the time it takes for a business to respond to a message. That allows them to share an estimated response time with anyone who opens a message box with your business. 

Signpost's Facebook Instant Response feature allows you to respond instantly and automatically with a custom message. That will give you peace of mind to know leads are getting a branded response, even if you can't type a response right away. 

Please note that we can only allow Facebook responses to be sent and received through the Messaging Hub for 24 hours. This is a policy from Facebook to preven businesses from re-contacting leads after this window. We recommend that you request other contact details from the lead while you are coordinating service to make sure you have another way to contact them. For more information, read Facebook's article on Messenger policy

How do I set up Facebook Messenger Instant Response?
Let's do this! First, login to your Signpost account on any web browser. 

1. Head to Settings, and then select Instant Responders.

2. From there, connect Facebook Messenger if you haven't done so already by selecting the Connect button. If it says Disconnect, your Facebook business page has already been connected. Once you hit connect, you will be prompted to confirm your business account and allow permissions for data to be shared between Facebook and Signpost.

3. Once connected, toggle on Send Instant Response. 

4. Customize your message. Anyone that messages your business's page on Facebook will receive this response! 

5. All done. Reply to conversations from the Messaging Hub. 

With the Signpost mobile app: 

Make sure you have the Signpost Mobile app downloaded. Instructions are in the next section below if you don't have the Signpost Mobile app yet. 

1. Within the mobile navigation, select Settings, then select Instant Responses 

2. Select Facebook Messenger, and Connect Facebook Messenger. This will open a pop-up like the one in the picture. You’ll need to sign into Facebook to establish a connection with your business page. To do so, select Continue 

3. This will open Facebook. The prompt on the screen will confirm your name. If the name is correct, hit the button that says Continue. Next, you will be prompted to allow access to the following permissions: 

  • Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger
        Create and manage content on your Page 
  • Read content posted on the Page 
  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page 
  • Read user content on your Page 
  • Show a list of the Pages you manage 

Once the permissions are allowed, you will see the confirmation screen you’ve now linked Signpost to Facebook.

4. On the Signpost Mobile app, you’ll now select New Contact Instant Response. Next, toggle on Enable Signpost Instant Response for Facebook Messenger. 

5. Here you can write a custom text message response. We recommend including a question that will help you qualify a lead. Here are some examples: 

  • Thanks for reaching out, when would you like to get this service scheduled? 
  • Please take a look at our pricing page linked here [include link]. What service are you interested in, and when are you looking to complete this project? 

6. Save the message. Congratulations, you've set up Facebook Instant Response! 

How do I get the Signpost Mobile app? 

Click the images below, or search for “Signpost mobile” directly in the Google Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. 


To make sure you have the latest version of the app, check if there is an “Update” button next to the Signpost app in the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device. If the button says “Update,” go ahead and do that. If it says “Open,” you have the latest version of the app!

If you have questions or would like help getting the most out of the messaging hub, please call our support line at 855-606-4900.  


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