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How does Signpost's Live Receptionist service work? FAQ

In today's world, customers want to get ahold of a person no matter the time of day or night. Here's the rundown of how Signpost can provide professional, personalized receptionist services for your business. It's a simple process that you can complete in ONE DAY. Imagine having all your calls answered by a real US-based receptionist tomorrow. Think about how much more time you can spend delivering great service for your existing customers without losing out on any new business. Or, take the weekend off! 

Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from people like you looking for Live Receptionist services. 

Do the receptionists have accents? 

Our receptionists are US-based, so they will feel like a natural extension of your team. There may be a slight accent to some depending on what you consider an accent. Most of our receptionists live near Portland, Oregon. We chose this location as our hub because of Oregonian's neutral-sounding accent. 

Listen to a sample call from one of Signpost's receptionists: 

How do your receptionists know what to say? 

We work with you to create a custom script for our receptionists to use. The script captures information such as business hours, services, and preferred greetings so our receptionist can respond to your customers as if they are part of your team.

How long does it take to put together the script? 

It only takes a few minutes to put together a script through our scripting form. Some of our clients prefer to verbally create a script with their Onboarding Specialist, which takes about 5 minutes. 

How custom can the script be? 

That depends on your business needs. Consider your industry: are there specific things that the customer needs to know before booking an appointment? Or, are there top services you want the receptionist to advertise when they answer the phone? We will work with you to create the right script. Some businesses like short and sweet: 
"Hi, thanks for calling Ron's Plumbing. How can I help you?" 
Others prefer a longer greeting to cover the top selling points for their business: 
"Hi, I'm Linda. Thanks for calling Ron's Plumbing. We're the premier local service when it comes to responding to your problems fast, no matter the time of day or night. What service are you looking for?" 

Do the receptionists know about my industry? 

At Signpost, we specialize in finding solutions for the home services industry. We understand the industry's unique challenges, and as a result, we know how to communicate naturally with your customers. 

How long does it take to start getting my calls answered by a Signpost receptionist? 

You can get Live Receptionist services in ONE DAY‼ Here are the steps to start converting callers into customers: 

1. Provide general business information through the initial onboarding call or with the scripting form. 

2. Our team will then create a Signpost phone number. This phone number will be unique to your business, so our receptionists know how to answer the call based on that number and so we can track the number of minutes used. Having a Signpost phone number is also necessary to forward your phone to this line to get your calls answered. 

3. Start phone forwarding. Call a code based on your phone carrier + your Signpost phone number whenever you need coverage day or night. We recommend saving this number in your Contacts app on your phone for easy dialing. 

When should I forward my phone? 

Depending on your business needs, there are a variety of coverage types that businesses use: 

  • Consistent backstop throughout the day. Turn it on and leave it on to get all your calls answered. You can set up phone forwarding to ring a few times to your business line before connecting to a receptionist. 
  • Overnight & weekend coverage. Getting partial coverage after hours is a good solution if you have someone dedicated to answering the phone during the workday, 
  • Before heading to a job site. Some clients prefer to turn it on before meeting with existing customers. This way they can give their customers undivided attention while bringing new business in the door. 

Do you have other questions we didn't answer in this FAQ? Call our support team at 855-606-4900 or email support@signpost.com.

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