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When should I forward my phone?

With Signpost's Live Receptionist services, you can forward your phone any time of day or night. Here are some options to help you consider when to forward your phone number to our professional Receptionists. 

Consistent backstop 

If you choose to let your calls ring to your phone first before connecting through to a Receptionist, there is no harm in leaving phone forwarding on. This way, your team has the option to pick up the call first but if everyone is otherwise occupied the call is answered by a Receptionist. 

Before meeting with customers 

Some people choose to forward their calls to a Live Receptionist before they head into a meeting with a customer. In this instance, they choose to forward their calls directly instead of letting the calls ring to their phone first. Their goal is to have every call answered without taking attention away from the existing customer. 

Afterhours: Evenings and weekends 

Let's face it: people want to reach out to you when it works for their schedule. You'll want to be able to create a positive customer experience for those who reach out after hours or on the weekend. Otherwise, they'll keep calling your competitors until they get someone on the phone.

Using our services for evenings and weekends is a great way to convert more leads into customers instead of letting those leads go to someone else. This is another great use case for direct phone forwarding without letting it ring to your phone first. It will be a seamless experience for people calling into your business when they are greeted by a Receptionist who is trained on how to handle calls for your business. 

24/7 front office experience  

Some businesses choose to save costs by hiring us to provide full-time Receptionist services instead of hiring someone in-house. The cost savings is staggering when you consider recruiting and paying for a full-time employee. There really isn't much of a difference when it comes to the customer's experience since you get to control the scripts and what kind of information is recorded from the calls. Our Receptionists even book meetings for clients. This allows you to have professional Receptionists representing your business for a fraction of what it costs to hire in-house! 

What works best for your business? 

Forwarding calls gives your business affordable flexibility to get every call answered. Since it is as easy as dialing a number to direct your calls to a Live Receptionist, you get to choose exactly how this will best support your business needs.
Ready to forward your phone? Read this article for phone forwarding instructions. 

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