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Easily Turn on the Live Answering Service

It's as easy as clicking a button to get all your phone calls answered by a real person. Within the Signpost mobile app, you can turn on the live answering service from the main conversations page, known as the Messaging Hub. 

Click this button that says "Turn on Live Answering" to direct your calls to a Signpost receptionist. This will then prompt a pop-up that will give you the following options. If you know you have phone forwarding set up, select "Yes, I have forwarded my phone." Then you can go ahead and select "Forward my calls." If you haven't forwarded your phone or you're not sure,  select "No, I haven't/ or not sure" and go through the prompts after selecting "Forward my calls." If you'd like a step-by-step walk-through of phone forwarding, check out this article

Congratulations, your calls will be answered by a receptionist! Your phone will still ring a few times, giving you the option to answer if you're available or let it connect through to a receptionist. This gives you the flexibility to answer when you want to or have the confidence that it will be taken care of when you are in the middle of something. 

When Live Answering is on, the button on the Messaging Hub will appear in green.

If you are ready to turn off the Answering Service, simply click the button on the Messaging Hub. This pop-up will appear so you can confirm if you are ready to disconnect. 

Now, Missed Call Instant Response is still active. If you can't answer a call, callers will be greeted with a custom text message. Change the text message at any time to suit your business needs. You can do so by selecting the 3 lines in the top left corner of the mobile app to open the menu. From there, select Settings > Instant Responses > Missed call text response. Change it to whatever suits your business and hit save! 

TIP: Include a question in your Missed Call Instant Response text to engage customers and leads. That way you can see the answered questions in the Messaging Hub and prioritize active conversations. 

Don't have the mobile app, but excited to try out these features? Download it now.


Do you want to add on our Answering Service as a part of your package? Call us today at 847-361-5058 or email though@signpost.com.

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