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How To: Respond to Texts to your Forwarding Number

There are two ways to respond to texts sent to your forwarding phone number: through the email notification Signpost sent you or through your Merchant Center.

Through your Notification Email

Replying to the email notification you receive from Signpost will send your message directly to your contact's phone.

Alternatively, click the purple "Go to Merchant Center" button to bring you directly to the text in question within your Text Inbox so that you can reply to it through your Merchant Center.

Through the web app 

1. Log in to your account on the web app and navigate to the "Text Inbox" tab 

2. Scroll Down to the "Your Inbox" section

3. Find the customer you want to respond to and click the purple "Reply to Customer" button

4. Type your response in the text box provided and, when you're satisfied with your response, click "Reply to Customer" again

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