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Signpost Mobile App: Overview


The Dashboard provides easy-to-view information about your Signpost account.


The Reviews section shows your average rating across Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. It also shows your review totals and averages by site.


Contacts & Conversations

The Contacts section shows your total number of contacts, and also breaks them down by channel: whether they have Email + Phone contact information, only email, or only a phone number.



The Campaigns section shows you how many conversions you've had across all campaign types. "Conversions" refers to a recipient opening and interacting with an email or text campaign.



The Contacts tab is where you can review any existing contacts, as well as add any new contacts on-the-go. You can filter contacts to identify particular segments of your contact list, and can also add or remove contacts from a segmented list.


Once you select a contact, you're taken to their contact profile where you can:

  • Edit the contact's name, email, phone number, and lifecycle
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe a contact using the toggle
  • Send a Feedback or Review request
  • Mark a contact as spam
  • Delete a contact (select Edit then Delete contact in the top right)
  • Review their Activity Feed
  • Send a message by tapping Messages at the top, or the blue icon in the bottom right



The Conversations tab is where you can find any past conversations you've had with your contacts, and where you can send new messages from. Each conversation will show the channel that messages are being sent through such as Text, Chat, and Facebook Messenger.



The Settings tab contains a number of important tools used to customize and setup your Signpost Mobile App:

  • Change Location - Used to switch between locations if you have multiple Signpost subscriptions.
  • Push Notifications - Used to toggle on/off which notifications you'd like to receive.
  • Facebook Messenger - Used to connect the Messenger account of your Facebook Business page so that you can chat via Facebook inside the Signpost Mobile App.
  • Send App Report - Used to submit a report to Signpost if you experience any issues.
  • Log Out - Used to log out of the Signpost Mobile App.


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