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How Can I Mark a Contact as Unsubscribed, Subscribed, or Spam in the Mobile App?

With Signpost's mobile app, it has never been easier to quickly manage your customer contacts!

Follow along to learn how to subscribe and unsubscribe contacts, or completely hide a contact by marking them as spam.

Subscribed to Campaigns

Log into your Signpost mobile app, and go to the Contacts tab. Then, select or search for the contact, and click to open their profile. 

Contacts who are toggled on are subscribed to receive your marketing campaigns.


Not subscribed to Campaigns (with toggle off)

To unsubscribe a contact from your marketing list, just switch the toggle off


Unsubscribed from Campaigns

These contacts have unsubscribed themselves from your marketing campaigns. You will not be able to change or reverse this.


Not subscribed to campaigns (toggle on)

These contacts have a phone number in their profile, but they have not yet opted-in to receive automated text marketing campaigns.


Mark as Spam (hide from list)

To completely hide a contact from your Contacts tab, you can mark them as spam. This will also unsubscribe them from receiving any further marketing campaigns.


Then, select to confirm.


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