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Learning to Navigate Your Signpost Account

Still learning how to navigate your Signpost account? You're in the right place! Here, we'll give you an overview of each section you see when you log into your account. We recommend you log in regularly to watch your results grow over time, and to take important actions that improve your ROI.

Follow along on your top menu bar to learn more about each section of your account!


Dashboard Tab

Kick back and relax! Monitor all your recent activity and performance.

  • Marketable Contacts - see how many of your contacts are subscribed to receive our marketing campaigns 
  • Reviews Driven by Mia - track the reviews Signpost has driven to your Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp pages
  • Average of All Reviews - watch your average review rating on your online review sites improve over time
  • Marketing Campaign Messages Sent - see what marketing campaigns Signpost is sending automatically to your contacts, and when
  • Monitor your conversion rates on each campaign type



Contacts Tab

View and manage all of your customer contacts that have been added to Signpost!


Campaigns Tab

Create, view, or update your marketing campaigns that are sending to your contacts.

  • One-Time Campaigns let you create and send your own announcements, information, promotions, or anything else - to the contacts you choose, on the day you choose. You're in control!
  • Ongoing Campaigns send automatically to your contacts, based on their customer lifecycle stage. These include: 
    • Reputation - drives your contacts to leave you a great review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp
    • Remarketing - you get to create an incentive to help convert your prospects, drive repeat business or follow-up services, and win your old or inactive customers back


Text Inbox

View and reply to any texts that are sent to your text marketing, or forwarding, phone number. You can also send text blasts, which reach all contacts who have chosen to opt-in to receive your marketing campaigns via text message.


Settings Tab

Manage and update all of your business details, so that your marketing campaigns reflect your business!

  • Business Settings - website, hours, business terminology, review site links, and more 
  • Email Settings - connect your business email to Signpost, if you want to automatically sync and subscribe any contacts you are emailing back and forth with
  • Phone Settings - connect your business phone, if you want to use our text marketing features
  • Customization - upload your logo, brand colors, and more
  • Subscriptions - view your subscription plan and details

Integrations Tab

Signpost offers direct integrations with various field service, accounting and invoice, and communication software platforms. Connect yours today and save time by letting all of your contacts sync automatically into Signpost. If available, we'll also sync their transaction dates so that we can cater your marketing campaigns to be more timely and effective.

  • Payments and Accounting integrations - Quickbooks Online and Desktop, Freshbooks, Square, Stripe, Paypal
  • Field Service Software integrations - HomeAdvisor, Housecall Pro, JobNimbus, Leap
  • Communications integrations - Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Signpost Chat

Don't see what you're looking for? Connect with our Zapier integration, which can link up to 2000+ other apps you may be using. 

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