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How To: Customize Your Email Campaigns

Getting Started

1. Log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the "Settings" tab


2. Click "Customization" on the left-hand menu


Change your Email Logo

1. Click "Change" underneath "Company Logo" and choose the image from your computer you would like to use. (The image must be an image file such as a .jpg or .png, not a .pdf. Additionally, the image must be at least 170x170 pixels, and the dimensions cannot exceed a 5:1 ratio.)


2. Once the image has downloaded and appears on the page, click the purple "Save" button


Note: Email logos will always shrink down to the same height visible on this page. The only way to make your logo appear larger is to make it longer horizontally.

Change Your Color Scheme

1. Click the gray down arrow next to the color box for "Link Color" or "Title Color"


2. Pick a color from the selection provided


3. Once the desired colors have been chosen, click the purple "Save" button


Note: If you know the hex color code for a specific color you would like to use, highlight the 6-character hex string in the field next to the # sign and paste yours, then click the purple "Save" button.

Change Your Business Information on Emails

1. Type the Business Name you would like displayed on your offer landing pages/text messages, the Email Signature you would like contacts to see at the end of your emails, or the Sender Email Address you would like contacts to see when your email is in their inbox in the associated field


2. Choose which business contact information you would like visible at the bottom of your email in the "Footer Includes" section by clicking to check or uncheck the available boxes


3. Once all desired changes have been made, click the purple "Save" button


Note: All marketing emails are legally required to include an address. If you opt not to use your business address, Signpost’s New York address will be substituted on all of your outgoing email messages. To remove Signpost's address, you will need to check the "Address" box in the "Footer Includes" section to use your business address instead.

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