How To: Perform Actions on Selected Contacts

Once you have selected the individual contacts or filtered a list of contacts you would like to perform an action on:

1. Click the checkmark next to "Subscribed" in the menu bar to select all filtered contacts. (If the filtered contacts fill up more than one page, click "Select all [###] contacts" in the gray box that appears above.)



2. Click the gray Actions button that appears next to the Search bar



3. Choose which action you would like to take on the filtered contacts:


  • Select "Mark Selected As" to mark all filtered contacts as Subscribed or Not Subscribed
  • Select "Send Campaign to Selected" to send one of your automated email campaigns to all filtered contacts
  • Select "Add to List" and choose one of your segmented contacts lists to add all filtered contacts to that list
  • Select "Delete Selected" to remove all filtered contacts from your account. (If you take this action, any contacts that are deleted cannot be re-added into your account by uploading a contact list.) 
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