How does Signpost get online reviews for my business?

Signpost uses a specialized process to get reviews for your business using a two-part system: the Feedback Request email and the Review Request email.


Feedback Request Emails

Feedback emails are the first emails Signpost sends out on your behalf once your account is set up. This allows us to understand who your top customers are and filter out anyone who might say something negative about your business if asked to review it online.


The feedback email is simple and straightforward, asking customers to rate your business out of 5 stars.


If the contact has not done business with you before, they have the ability at this point to choose “I haven't done business here before,” after which they will receive a New Customer Offer.


Once they choose their Feedback rating, they have the opportunity to leave written feedback about their experience.


  • If the customer has given you bad Feedback (1-3 stars), their feedback goes to you directly, and Signpost will automatically turn off all email campaigns for that contact. They will, however, continue to receive feedback requests every few months in case their opinion has changed. (If you do not wish for them to receive any more feedback requests, you can unsubscribe them.)
  • If the customer has given you good Feedback (4-5 stars), they will receive a review request email next. (They also will have the ability to check a box to “Publish” this Feedback, in which case their positive comment will be posted to your Testimonials Page.)


Mia cannot post your customer’s Feedback directly to your review pages; only they can post their own reviews. This keeps you within the business user guidelines of each page.


Review Request Emails

Upon leaving 4- or 5-star Feedback, your customer contact will then be sent an email with a direct link to one of your online pages in order to leave a review.


Mia chooses which review page to send your customer to based on a variety of factors.


Once a review is posted by a customer clickthrough, Mia will confirm that the review was driven by her and send you an email notification. She'll also provide a link to the review for you.


If your customer has not left a review within five days, Mia will send a follow-up reminder email for your customer to leave a review for you!

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