How To: Set Up A Referral Bonus

When auto-send is turned on for referral request emails and a New Customer Offer is active in your account, Mia automatically sends referral links to your customer contacts so that they can easily refer their friends to your business. Help incentivize them to do so by setting up a bonus that they can receive for referring a paying customer!


1. Log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the "Campaigns" tab, then "Referrals."

2. Scroll down to "Referral Bonuses" and click "Add Referral Bonus."



3. Choose whether you want to reward contacts for referring one paying customer, multiple paying customers, or both. Click the toggle next to one or both choices to activate them.

4. Type in the reward you would like to give your existing customer for referring a friend.

5. Make any changes you would like to the auto-generated fine print. Alternatively, click "Remove Fine Print" to delete all fine print from your bonus.

6. Once the bonus is set up the way you would like, click "Update" to add the Referral Bonus to your account.



7. To deactivate a Referral Bonus, repeat Steps 1 and 2, then toggle your activated bonus off and click "Update."

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