How are Customer Contacts added to my account?

Customer Contacts can be added to your Signpost account either automatically or manually.


Automatic Methods:

  • Attach your customer-facing email account. This method allows Signpost to pull in any email addresses that have interacted with your email account in the past, and will continue to add email addresses that interact with your email account in the future. Learn how here.
  • Enable IVR on your customer-facing phone number. This method asks anyone who calls into your business on your tracking phone number (which forwards directly to your business line) to opt-in to text message marketing if they would like to receive special deals and promotions. Additionally, anyone who texts "Start" to the tracking phone number will also automatically be added into your text message marketing list. Learn how here.


Manual Methods:

  • Upload a contact list to your Merchant Center. If you do not wish to connect your email account and/or you have a list of contacts from an email account, other software, or collecting them yourself, you can easily upload a spreadsheet of up to 10K contacts into your account all at once. Learn how here.
  • Add individual contacts to your Merchant Center. If you receive a few email addresses that you would like to add to your account without going through the trouble of putting together a spreadsheet, you can simply add one at a time. Learn how here.
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