Feature Overview and Setup: Appointment Sync

The Appointment Sync feature allows Mia to pull information from your appointment scheduling software account directly into your Signpost account. Once set up, Mia will start populating contacts from the scheduling software within 24 hours. With appointment data, she can better orchestrate her advanced targeting based on timing. She is currently able to capture the data of the date of the appointment, and when available, even the time and duration of the appointment, ensuring that she can send follow-ups at the perfect moment.


Currently, Mia is able to connect exclusively with MindBody. Not a MindBody customer? Don't worry, we're working on adding more scheduling systems to the product. Let us know which system you're using to book appointments, and we'll get it on the list!







MindBody Appointment Sync Setup:

To ensure we can capture appointment data from MindBody, you’ll need to to connect the email to Signpost that you receive MindBody confirmation emails at and adjust MindBody auto send settings.


1. To connect an email, within your Signpost account (https://my.signpost.com/login), navigate to “Settings” => “Email” menu within settings. Enter the login credentials for your email address that receives MindBody appointment confirmations.




2. In MindBody go to “Manager Tools” => “Auto Emails” => “Appointment Booking Confirmations (Single)”. Please note:

  • Depending on your Mindbody configuration, your options might look like “Classes Booking Confirmations...” or “Reservation Booking Confirmations”
  • You can select the ‘Show enabled auto emails only’ box to shorten the list of emails




3. Make sure the email address you connected to Signpost is set as the “Business reply to email” address

4. Make sure the “Enable email attachment” box is checked

5. Make sure the “Subject line” of the email includes either of the following:

  • “Appointment is booked”
  • “Appointment is scheduled”
  • “Appointment reminder”




6. Save your changes

7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for the following auto email types:

  • Appointment Confirmation (Manual)
  • Appointment Change Notification
  • Appointment Cancellation Notifications (Early)
    • Make sure the “Subject line” has the words “has been cancelled” in it
  • Appointment Cancellation Notifications (Late)
    • Make sure the “Subject line” has the words “has been cancelled” in it





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