What is an Activity Score?

The Activity Score gives you insight into how often a particular customer contact interacts with your business. Interactions are recorded every time someone calls your tracking phone number, sends an email to your connected email address, submits feedback, leaves a review, provides a referral, claims an offer, or makes a purchase through your PaySimple account. The more a customer contact interacts with your business, the higher their Activity Score.

 This score can be used to distinguish between and reward your more engaged customers. We suggest that you send them special loyalty offers or emails thanking them for being a valued customer.

To view a particular contact’s Activity Score, log in to your Merchant Center and navigate to the “Contacts” tab. The row of five circles next to each customer contact’s name under the “Score” column represents their score. The more green circles appear next to their name, the more engaged -- and therefore more valuable -- of a customer they are.


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